The promising deposit of lithium in Ukraine is being prepared for development

Ukrlitivydobuvannya  LLC, which is preparing to develop the Polohivske deposit of petalite lithium ores in the Malovyskivsky district of the Kirovograd region, continues the preparatory work on the construction of the mine on its territory.

The site of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources contains the “Report on planned activity, which is subject to environmental impact assessment”. First of all, the document contains the main parameters of the largest Ukrainian lithium deposit, as well as describes the plans and possible risks for its development.

According to the geologists of Ukrlitivydobuvannya, lithium ores lie at a depth of about 500m from the surface and deeper. So, it will have to be extracted underground.

Ukrlitivydobuvannya LLC believes that for this one mine will suffice.

According to the document, the deposit is classified into the 3rd group according to the complexity of the geological structure (from the “Classification of reserves and resources of minerals of the state fund of mineral resources”).

The socio-economic impact of planned activities consists of providing people with jobs and filling local government taxes.

Balance reserves of Polohivske deposit of lithium ores will provide the company with raw materials for a period of over 25 years.

According to Bohdan Slobodyan, the chief geologist of Ukrlitivydobuvannya, today technological features of deposits of ores and potential consumers of products in Ukraine and abroad are determined.

“Polohivske deposit of petalite lithium is the only ore object in Ukraine, which in the next few years can give the country new highly liquid lithium products. Also increase revenues to the state budget and create about 1000 new jobs.

Investment attractiveness of the field can not be overestimated. It has a very good forecast of consumer demand for the next few decades. No other metal has such a forecast in Ukraine “, – the geologist of the company.

However, so far, Ukraine’s industrial needs for litigation are met at the expense of exports. Those industries that use lithium in their production, export it from other countries.

“UKRLITIIVYDOBUVANNYA” LLC has a valid special permit No. 6195 dated 03/04/2017 for the use of deposits of the Polohivske deposit of lithium ores. The company purchased it from the state for over 118 million UAH after the change of previous owners. At present, the company has calculated inventories within the licensed area. Justified the parameters of the conditions. And made a geological and economic assessment of the reserves of the Polohivske deposit of lithium ores.

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