Ukrlithiummining has completed drilling works at Polokhivske deposit in Ukraine

March 3, 2020. From November 28 till February 12 till 2020 Ukrlithiummining has completed the drilling works that were financed with the company’s own funds. The drilling was part of the additional 2020 geological exploration campaign of Polokhivske deposit in Ukraine.

In total – 8 boreholes have been drilled for the total of 3319 meters.

The drilling was done by Turkish drilling company Pozitif Sondaj according to the highest international standards.

Pozitif Sondaj has achieved 100% output of oriented core at each of the available ore intervals.

In each of the 8 boreholes a commercially viable lithium ore content was confirmed.

The preliminary results indicate a very high probability of successful commercial deployment of the Polokhivske deposit. Currently ongoing are the geological studies of the core material, probing as well as laboratory analysis which is going to be done in Canada.