ESIA: Sustainable development and community engagement

December 21, 2023

ULM continues to explore and develop the Polokhivske lithium ore deposit.  Currently, the company is drilling five hydrogeological boreholes as part of an environmental impact assessment (ESIA). Consultants from Wardell Armstrong International are involved in the ESIA.

In January 2024, data loggers will be installed in five boreholes to determine the characteristics of groundwater within the Polokhivske deposit area. This will allow for a more accurate analysis of the impact of future production on groundwater. CDM Engineering Ukraine specialists also installed a weather station for round-the-clock monitoring of air temperature, humidity, wind and other climatic indicators.

In addition, as part of the ESIA, a Social Engagement Program is currently being developed to define the algorithm for the company’s interaction with the local population. This is an important step in maintaining openness and mutual understanding between ULM and the local community.

The program aims to provide timely information to community residents and involve their representatives in the process of resolving potentially controversial issues that may arise during the mine development. An important part of this process is taking into account the community’s opinion, their needs and discussing possible positive contributions of the company to the socio-economic development of the region.

Transparency and active participation of local residents is ULM’s approach to the development of natural resources.  In general, the company sets new standards in the field of environmentally responsible and socially oriented resource extraction, striving to ensure maximum involvement and mutual responsibility of all stakeholders.

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