Giga Europe 2024 Conference in Stockholm: Key Takeways

March 14, 2024

Denys Aloshyn, Chief Strategy Officer at UkrLithiumMining LLC (ULM) took part in Giga Europe 2024 Conference, hosted over two days (March 12 – 13, 2024) in Stockholm, Sweden.  This event, organized by Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, serves as a gathering point for Europe’s battery manufacturing community.  


One of the key takeaways from the conference: the European Union is intensifying its efforts in the realm of battery gigafactories. This industry, still in its relatively early stages, has faced heightened uncertainty over the past year – due to growing competition from the US, which is bolstering substantial manufacturing capacity through new gigafactories, alongside established players in China. Keynote speakers universally pointed out the magnitude of the challenge Europe confronts in expanding battery manufacturing, and especially the supply shortages that will loom – once all of the planned battery factories come to production. Nevertheless, there remains optimism that Europe can bridge the gap and emerge as a significant contender in the realm of gigafactories.

It is interesting to see how, over the past three years, some of the junior miners are already starting construction, and production schedules are becoming near term reality. Such positive developments, inter alia, stem from the growing endorsement of the lithium industry by Western governments, which are launching policy finding support programs for the industry.

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