“The Green” Future: Will Ukraine Manage to Become a Lithium Supplier for Electric Car Manufacturers?

August 25, 2023

Over the last 10-15 years, the global utilization structure of lithium has undergone radical changes. While in the past it was primarily consumed by manufacturers of glass, ceramics, and glass ceramics, today the main driving force is electric car manufacturers. Will the demand growth from car manufacturers persist, and can we expect other changes in the global market?

It is projected that by 2030, the share of electric cars in new passenger vehicle sales will reach nearly 50%. This equates to approximately 30-35 million new vehicles compared to 14.5 million this year. “Even with such a development, the demand for lithium and other critical materials for car battery production will continue to grow,” asserts Denys Aloshyn, Chief Strategy Officer at UkrLithiumMining LLC.

Furthermore, there is an increasing demand for energy storage systems. How long this situation will last and whether it will aid in the development of Ukrainian lithium ore deposits can be read in Denys Aloshyn’s column on The Page: https://thepage.ua/ua/experts/chi-stane-ukrayina-postachalnikom-litiyu-dlya-svitovih-virobnikiv-elektrokariv

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