Top manager of “UkrLithiumMining” gave an interview to the Ukrainian publication The Page

June 27, 2023

Denys Aloshyn, the Chief Strategy Officer at “UkrLithiumMining,” spoke in an interview with The Page about the company’s development, the need for investments, and the state of the global lithium market.

To develop the Polohivske lithium deposit project in the Kirovohrad region, “UkrLithiumMining” intends to attract investments from several different sources. This will enable them to secure a strategic investor while retaining a large shareholding for the current shareholders. “The Ukrainian owner does not want to sell the deposit; their goal is to become a local partner for a powerful international player in the lithium industry,” explains Denys Aloshyn.

To learn more about how hundreds of millions of dollars can be attracted for the development of the Ukrainian lithium deposit, what will be produced in Ukraine, and why it takes up to 10 years even in Western countries to implement similar projects, please read the interview at the following link:

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