UkrLithiumMining plans to produce 300,000 tonnes of petalite concentrate, a raw material for LFP batteries used by Tesla and Li One, in a year

July 06, 2023

UkrLithiumMining plans to extract pegmatite ore and produce concentrate and lithium carbonate from it in Ukraine. “We plan to extract one and a half million tonnes of ore per year. It will be transformed into 300,000 tonnes of petalite concentrate annually,” Denys Aloshyn, Chief Strategy Officer at UkrLithiumMining, said in an interview with Business Telegraph.

The top manager added that the company aims to add a third stage, which is the processing of petalite concentrate into lithium carbonate. “This is better for both investors and the country because lithium carbonate has a higher added value,” Aloshyn explained. According to him, there are two options for processing the concentrate – lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate. They are used in the production of various types of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium carbonate is used in LFP batteries, while lithium hydroxide is used in NMC batteries.

A year and a half ago, the Ukrainian company decided to focus on the production of lithium carbonate. Today, this decision is proving to be correct because the major global players, such as China, produce deep-processed products using more advanced technology from lithium carbonate. Tesla, Li One, and an increasing number of electric vehicle manufacturers are transitioning to LFP batteries. “Therefore, we strive for lithium carbonate production to be located in Ukraine,” emphasizes Denys Aloshyn.

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