ULM engages Australian specialists

January 10, 2024

At the end of 2023 ULM started cooperation with two Australian companies – Wood Australia Pty Ltd and Nagrom

Nagrom is Australia’s most experienced metallurgical and analytical laboratory, which has been owned and operated by a multi-generational family for over 45 years. Nagrom’s experts will help improve the technological schemes for producing petalite concentrate from petalite lithium ore to be mined at Polokhivske deposit.

As for Wood, it is currently the only company that has been able to design and build a working lithium converter (lithium plant) in the Eastern Hemisphere. Kemerton lithium hydroxide processing plant is located in Western Australia and is owned by Albermarle, the world’s largest lithium producer.

It is worth noting that a crucial part of ULM’s development of the Polokhivske lithium ore deposit is the creation of a basic design for a plant to convert petalite concentrate produced from the ore extracted from the deposit into lithium carbonate and hydroxide. These end products are used as active ingredients in lithium-ion battery cathodes.

Australia is the second largest lithium producer in the world (after China). Naturally, Australia is a global hub for companies engaged in lithium production, mining and processing of lithium ores, and the world’s best lithium specialists. 

ULM is pleased to start business cooperation with Wood and Nagrom, which will further accelerate the development of Polokhivske lithium deposit.


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