Why the US and EU Governments are Encouraging the Development of the Lithium Industry and How It Could Benefit Ukraine – Column

August 11, 2023

China is the global leader in lithium production. In a column for “Economichna Pravda,” Denys Aloshyn, the the Chief Strategy Officer at “UkrLithiumMining,” discusses government programs through which the US and the European Commission aim to catch up with the Chinese automotive industry.

These actions by the American government and the plans of the EU illustrate that state policy will play a pivotal role in the development of “green energy,” increasing the demand for electric vehicles, their components, and raw materials.

“It’s worth mentioning that lithium is already on the list of raw materials critically important for the European Union,” Aloshyn reminds us. The development of green technologies is practically impossible without this metal. Fortunately for Ukraine, we possess vast deposits of lithium-bearing ores that are in short supply within the EU.

How this will aid the development of Ukrainian deposits – read in the column by the top manager of “UkrLithiumMining”: https://www.epravda.com.ua/columns/2023/08/9/703053/

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